My name is Scott Fisher and I live by the sea in lovely Devon. 

Originally from Sussex and where all my all my clients base still remains, I moved here to get a more relaxed lifestyle and to bring up my two kids.

I have 20 years of IT experience starting from being a help desk agent and moved swiftly to where I am now into programming and database support..

MS Access was my first experience into this world where I spent quite a few years designing application for internal use. I was then lucky enough to be introduced to Learning Tree International in London where I completed eight high level courses which set me on my way to where I am now. 

Since I became independent I have built up a respectable size client base which crosses over a large variety of industries. Included amongst these are such type as inventory management, electrical contractors, flight brokers, IT companies and pie manufacturers! to name a few.

I now use leading design software to provide enterprise level applications in both Windows and Web. This includes Visual Studio and Blend. My language of choice is the ubiquitous C#. 

Database has always been a fundamental part of my work. I have come through all versions of Microsoft SQL Server starting at 7 to today's version at 2014. Database is an essential skill as it must co exist with any application design. I also provide SQL Server support to clients who don't have the resource to have a permanent administrator on site. Wearing a few hats is all part of the job!

Cloud is also an important part of my business. SQL in the cloud gives clients reduced cost in maintenance as well as accessibility anywhere in the world. Azure, Microsoft's cloud platform,  is also growing functionality at a fast pace and learning these changes is a must to give my clients the benefits.

Being that IT is an evolving subject by nature, I'm in the fortunate position to be hooked into a constant learning pattern which means I enjoy keeping on top of the latest technologies and am able pass these on to my clients.

If I can be of any help to you please drop me a line.